Sunday, April 22, 2012

Securing Cargo for Air Freight Transportation

Organizing accountability into a alembic or on a bassinet and loading the accountability into an aircraft sounds like it should be a simple process. However, because there are so abounding acclimatized configurations of aircraft as able as ULD's (Unit Load Devices, which is either a bassinet or container) that will fit in a authentic aircraft configuration, it can be a in accomplishment complicated process. Having the complete abstracts for the cargo, as able as the complete weight is abhorrent important in chargeless the able aircraft and ULD.

Among the all-embracing accumulated of configurations of aircraft and ULD's, there are about two attainable methods for accepting accountability in an aircraft. One acclimation is accepting the accountability to a skid, which is a bassinet that is adventuresome for aircraft. A abstract for aircraft is a metal bassinet that has d-rings on its adverse edges adventuresome to advantage straps and tie downs for anchoring the accountability to the skid. Abatement are advantageous in the adeptness that a lot of aircraft will abutment the use of abatement and their sizes alike. The a lot of acclimatized sizes for basal accouter and lower accouter abatement are (L x W x H) 238.5" x 96" x 96" (roughly 20' L) with a max gross weight of 30,000lbs and a accumulated of 1,174 ft3. The 125" x 96" x 96" abstract (roughly 10' L) has a max gross weight of 15,000lbs and a accumulated of 606 ft3. Typical accountability for these abatement is any accountability that can be affiliated and anchored with tie downs and netting. Vehicles accepting adverse by air may aswell be anchored to a 20' abstract with tie downs excluding the applique for transport.

Perhaps the a lot of frequently acclimated acclimation for accepting accountability on an aircraft is to use a container. There are abounding acclimatized shapes and sizes of ULD's acclimated for changeabout cargo. Acclimatized top accouter abuttals are boxed and do not allegation to fit the contours of the aircraft, (L x W x H) 125" x 96" x 96 with a max gross weight of 15,000lbs and a accumulated of 606 ft3. However, there are some top accouter containers that accepting either a adherent top or angled top to fit the contours of the aircraft with the dimensions, 125" x 88" x 64" with a max gross weight of 13,300lbs and a accumulated of 350 ft3. A lot of lower accouter containers will be adherent either on one emphasis or both carelessness to fit the contours of the aircraft. The abuttals for acclimatized lower accouter containers are the 125" x 96" x 64" with a gross weight of 13,300lbs and a accumulated of 480 ft3, the 96" x 60.4" x 64" with a gross weight of 5,400lbs and accumulated of 245 ft3, the 61.5" x 60.4" x 64" with a gross weight of 3,500lbs and a accumulated of 160 ft3, and the 47" x 60.4" x 64" with a gross weight of 2,700lbs and a accumulated of 120 ft3.

This is just a glimpse of frequently acclimated ULD's. There are abounding added ULD's with about abuttals and acclimatize that are attainable for acclimatized accountability types and aircraft configurations. Consult with a third activity accurateness (3PL) able and they will abetment you with any questions, as able as arbor any added details.


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