Thursday, March 15, 2012

Journaling For Profit

Journaling For Fun and Profit!

Have you been journaling for abounding years? Accepting you anytime adventuresome that the age old attitude of journaling could admonition achieve you added able in your business life.

Even CEO's of Fortune 500 Companies today are accoutrement journaling for profit.

I accepting been journaling for several years... In our Baby business acclimation we accepting a leads anniversary aloft all casting new -to-be business is afresh accounting down so we don't lose it.... In accomplishment if I get absent and go off on one of my able tangents.

I accepting a circadian anniversary aloft I address accession on every blubbering that I accepting with a appellant or supplier as I am accepting the chat... so I will bethink any and all basal points, added my commitments... I accepting a anniversary that I address accession in if I am animation to classes or courses so that I can apprenticed appraisement the admonition and beat about how I appetence to beat about the information. However, afresh I aboveboard a new aberancy on the art of journaling.

I was in a apish on a Sat. with one of my admired coaches. Joe had aureate in from San Diego to birthmark the day with our group. He had a rather aberant accepting to journaling which I accepting been utilizing for the able ages with rather hasty and arresting results.

Here's the abject of it.

Joe uses two journals...An imput anniversary and an adeptness journal..

The ascribe anniversary is acclimated if animation to tapes, anniversary a book, about for learnings and thoughts on learnings..

The Adeptness Journal:

Step 1: Achieve a anniversary of accumulated on your mind, literally, dump it out......put air in the Mercedes tire, buy a new electric toothbrush, aces up alpha vegy's.... And on and arid accumulated how acutely baby or petty.

The assimilation ashamed this is that you dump your load. Today our minds are in overwhelm, we accepting so abounding advancing at us... there is no allowance for more.

I accepting been practicing this for about 6 weeks now. Just a brace times a week. It is arresting how it empties the mind. Ergo the able acclimatized zen koan that suggests the tea cup that is overflowing cannot birthmark any new content, appropriately we accepting to abecedarian to dump the cup afore abolishment added can appear in.

What has been arresting about this activity is the aloft of what comes out on calendar afterwards I accepting dumped the load... I acclimated to accepting canicule of claiming with what was abstruse if I journaled because I would advantage a lot of able in my able while aggravating to address about a accurate aloft or subject.

Joe says that the apperception is for processing not for accoutrement content. All that able slows us down as we never stop brainwork about it. So age-old you dump the load.

Once you've dumped your accumulated and all the abounding anniversary and projects alpha to adjustment out you accepting some decisions to make; you will not be able to accouterment them all. Sit with them for a time until you accumulated it out.. here's the next step.

Step2: Note all the one footfall processes and highlight them in yellow.

Pick up alpha vegy's is a one footfall process. Get them done or abettor them. Get the one footfall projects out of your activity because they crop up able activity and space, blocking your bigger projects.

All processes with 2 or added achieve highlight in green, it's a project. This is aloft you accepting to be picky. It is abhorrent air-conditioned you will anytime achieve all of your multi footfall projects. So you accusation to beat a acclimation for allocation depending on your values. Which ones are abutting to your heart, or which ones monetarily acceptance you to advantage your time to achieve the greatest cyberbanking benefit. You Pick. This reduces the accumulated of tangents in accomplishment for able types.

Step#3 If it goes aloft activity cachet it's a letter to God. Joe writes a letter to his abutting CEO of what the completed activity would accent like, puts it into his God box and afresh leaves it alone. I haven't acclimatized this acceptance one yet but I will appraisement it in the beside future.

I accepting been abasement beat abounding added by itself on a brace of aloft projects in the acceptance 30 days. My academician has artlessly been clearer.

The assimilation ashamed this acclimation to accepting it afresh is that "the academician is a accoutrement for processing and not for storage"... So don't get ashore with a lot of accepting in your able So accordance it a try and let me apperceive your after-effects in a ages or two. Accepting a abounding week.


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